We are committed to your success and offer free SalesNOW training via the web. SalesNOW is easy to use but the training will help you fully understand the capabilities and how to get the most out of the solution. So, whether you are a prospective customer trialing SalesNOW for your team, or an existing customer needing a refresher or deep dive on the latest features and best practices, we are glad to assist you.

Typical training is about 60 minutes and covers SalesNOW on the mobile device, SalesNOW on the web, general set-up, enterprise features, reporting, and customizing SalesNOW for your business. Sessions include training for sales reps, service reps, management, trainers, and administrators. Contact to schedule your free SalesNOW training.

In summary, with any solution, adequate training is the key to high end-user acceptance. A tailored SalesNOW training agenda can be developed taking into consideration your specific working environment and business needs. We can create a tailored training curriculum best suited to your environment based on the discussions with your key stakeholders.

Register For A Free SalesNOW Training Webinar:

Please contact to register for a Free Webinar via WebEX.

SalesNOW Web Demos

For comprehensive demos of the various components of SalesNOW on the Web including Contacts, Companies, Leads, Deals, Cases, Email, Activities, Reports, Calendar and Setup/Customization Click here.

SalesNOW Mobile Demos

For comprehensive demos on the Mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android Click here.

Recorded Webinar

For your convenience, you may also download the recorded webinar online at any time.

Download the recorded webinar(requires ARF video player)*
View SalesNOW AT&T CRM Magazine Webinar online.

*In order to view the recorded Webinar, please download the ARF player here:
ARF video player (Windows)
ARF video player (Mac)

Here is some information for you to get started with SalesNOW:

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